Be Present

How to find contentment this winter.

How do we possibly find contentment in a world that is always telling us that we need something else? That we are not as successful as we should be. That we aren’t working hard enough.

With all of the external forces at work to disrupt our inner sense of calm and contentment, how do we find that place where everything that we have and are is so much greater than enough?

Realize that you are enough 

All beings came from a place of divinity and innocence. We were all born being overly satisfied with food and sleep. It is only after years of our peers, our media, and our own internal desires to conform screaming at us to find happiness and fulfillment from something outside of ourselves, that we become discontent.

I am here to tell you that it is a trap. I am sorry, but they are wrong. The more we are consumed by the idea of obtaining more things or changing the current circumstances in order to find happiness, the less energy we have to devote to connecting to the place where contentment truly lies, the present moment.

Let go of fear of the present moment 

In our culture, we are so busy planning the next thing. The next vacation. The next season. The next holiday. The next day off of work. The next day at work. The list goes on and on.  We are so busy planning for the future that we tend to miss out on what is happening in this very moment. Sharing a deep connection with another person. A loved one attempting in their own way to be vulnerable and open. Our own emotions and life experiences assimilating through our being and manifesting themselves into how we react or what we say. The beauty of the time for reflection that comes with the cold, dark winter months. We are afraid of all of these things. So we wish them away. We focus on something else so that we do not have to come face to face with unpleasantries. We tell ourselves that we do not have time for these unpleasantries. That our time is better spent planning for the future.

Once we learn to let go of the fear of our own emotions, which always pass, we can experience life on a deeper, more profound level. Distracting ourselves from the present moment, causes us to miss out on the joy of feeling whole and complete with everything that we are. It breeds non-acceptance and desire.

Simplify Your Life 

The less “things” we have to distract us from that which truly feeds us; such as, our connections to one another, our lifes purpose, and our practice of connecting to ourselves and our breathe through stillness, the more evident the path to contentment becomes. The reverse is also true. The more we focus on feeding our souls and not our desires, the less “things” we think we need.

The law of attraction is real. If you live a life based on fulfilling your desires, more desires will come to you. If you live a life based on feeding your soul, your soul will be fed.

As winter continues (because it will), I invite you to exam your discontent with the current situation or the present moment. Watch your thoughts as they arise and notice if you can tell yourself a different story about your circumstances. Use the “oppression” of winter to go deeper inside and reflect on your tendencies to distract yourself from the present moment. Please share your thoughts and findings. Help support your fellow travelers on the path of life.

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